Message management system
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I’ve spent probably 12 hours, no exaggeration, on the phone with Verizon over the last three weeks trying to make my three new phones on new, ported over numbers work correctly. I still only have two of the three phones operational. I really don’t want to call back and waste another 4 or 5 hours on my voicemail so I’m trying here instead. 

I just realized my voicemail doesn’t work. Anyone calling it only hears, "Welcome to the message management system. Please enter your mailbox number." After entering my number I hear "This is not a valid mailbox number. Please try again." Then I obviously don’t get any voicemails. 
I’ve seen a couple threads with suggestions here to call *73 or hold down 1 or turn off roaming, none of which have worked for me. I’m reluctant to reset my phone since it’s finally mostly working. This whole process has been a nightmare. Can anyone help? I will be eternally grateful. Thank you. Oh, I have an iPhone 13. 

Re: Message management system
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We definitely understand the importance of your phones working after being ported over, and we can certainly assist you with finding out what is going on with the remaining ones that need to be activated, and including the voicemail issue. Please send us a Private Note, so we may be able to assist.*Gert