Messed up order, 2 accounts


Sure hope someone can help with some questions.  

So we placed an order online through chat, the girl had everything correct, but when I received confirmation of order it was all messed up.  Because our old phones were under a business account had to wait for them to be released.  She told me no problem would set up new account and when phones were released we could then apply as trade in.  

I called within 1 hour of finding out the order was messed up, one phone was wrong and plan was wrong, and was told could not cancel as order was already shipped.  We refused the order when it arrived 3 days later and was returned to TX have the signed ticked from FedEx.  

So now our other account has our 2 old phones on it showing used as a trade in, and another account has our 2 old phones on it with a bill, but now I want to use those 2 old phones as trade in for the Iphone 13 pro and mini for my husband and myself.  But how long do I need to wait until those 2 new phones are cancelled out and our old phones are released from the trade in on that account??  

The reason why I just did it up online is because we are 1 hour from the nearest Verizon store and I just wish now would have gone into a store.  Should I bother calling in, or just go to the Verizon store to get this mess straightened out.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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