Misleading trade in value quotes

March 12th went to verizon to see about trading in old iphone for new. Was told that I would get 300.00 trade in credit for new Iphone 13 mini. My old Iphone 7 was in good condition, screen was not cracked and had no scratches as was always kept in a phone protector. I called to make sure they received my old phone as I sent it back to them right away in the prepaid box they gave me at the store. The said yes, they received it and it was given a trade in value of $38.00. I feel like I was subject to a bait and switch tactic and would never have agreed to a new phone in the first place had I known they were only going to give me $38.00 for my old phone! We have had Verizon since before it was Verizon and have never had any trouble. Always received the trade in values that they quoted at the store and have usually had great service, not sure what the heck is going on but I am extremely disappointed and feel like we have been lied to.

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