Misled by VZN reps and CSAT SUPV during VZN Trade-in phone call(s)
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Good Day,

My name is Trina Cox I am acct holder to the telephone line 646-345-2325. On November 23 of 2020 I made a call to Verizon wireless and spoke to several people my call was in regards to upgrading my telephone services for both lines. I spoke with several people that day Torrey (A rep) that call and others lasted from 5:17 PM to 6:17 PM. Your rep. Was made aware that I was interested in two phone upgrades as trade-ins unfortunately your representative who quoted that for my two phones I would receive a total I would have to make a total payment of $935 for both phones.  I reiterated to her: “so the price will be $935 for both lines?” She replies: “Yes” and then some. Due to a glitch within My VZN App Rewards. $$ showed on her end (none in my app) Also, there was less $$ and I had clicked ‘save’ ea. time so Felt that this needed to be an INV so she transferred me to your VZN Dept. that handles app rewards. But prior to the tranxfr she promised to phone me back in an hr to continue with our transaction. UNFORTUNATELY.. she did not.Then I called back to Cust. Srvc. and explained my issue to a Laura (that hung up on me) that never called back. Then I spoke to Kirk (pls note) I had to call back myself and I had to explain that I was already quoted $935 and my My VZN App issue to another rep. This rep. said he was more in the Sales Dept. Alex was the name. He tries to deviate from my quote and he offered many things. But nothing was comparable to the original quote that I was given. So I ended up speaking to Kirk because Alex wasn’t willing to bend Kirk was super nice deserves a great customer service award but I was transferred to Supervisor believe her name was Kayla KAYLA. I’d also like to know that not one rep enabled customer service to give me a warm transfer to the next representative. Each time I had a trxfr I felt like I was being drained trying to explain the entire situation to each rep. This needs to be implemented back into customer service because it’s horrible for us customers to endure. Kirk was a great rep and deserves an award for his Customer Srvc. he ensured that I was transferred with a soft trxfer to Kayla whom (long story short) gave me an incomparable quote to the one that I was originally given and she also came across with a lot of tension which I had to address due to her tone it was not my fault that I was quoted what I was quoted but what I expected was super customer service and for the original quote to be honored. And that was $935 for the two phones and Alex threw in full credit on both devices he also threw in two cases and two screen covers I’m requesting for all of the reps conversations with me to be reviewed and for all of the items that were to be added Including what was offered to me by Verizon support via Twitter to be added to my account for both phone numbers on Twitter I escalate it many times and no one want to escalate beyond Kayla for a higher tier of leader ship I’m requesting to get a schedule call from someone in leader ship in an executive and fot all of the quotes and promises to be honored in good faith.  As I am a long tee
I’m looking forward to a call from someone in upper leader ship as soon as possible thank you for your time.

I’m looking forward to your call. 


Trina Cox

Email: [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]

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