Misled on rebate
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I’ve been a long time customer so I know there’s new customer promos and ones for existing.  I bought/updated the following in store around Thanksgiving.  

  • iPhone Pro Max 14 - it wasn’t shipped until around Christmas due to inventory. 
  • Went from old data plan to unlimited
  • Added a line for an IPad Pro and purchased the device at Verizon

I was told I would receive a rebate of $200 for either the phone or IPad.  I waited and waited and no rebate appeared.  

I called customer service and they told me to submit the 22SWITCH200.  I received a denial on the submission. 

Was I given the wrong rebate form?  I feel like Verizon hopes I won’t claim the rebate and making me jump through hoops.    I need resolution.   If anyone is aware of where to find a list of active rebates by date, I can review.  But otherwise I’m needing Verizon to address this asap. 

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Re: Misled on rebate
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Hello! We definitely want to assist you with your rebate issue! Please send us a Direct Message so that we can better assist you!