Misrepresentation from Verizon sales agent

My husband and I stopped in the Verizon store in Northern KY to get the iPhone 13 with the trade-in of our current phones we had. After waiting for almost two hours, watching others getting waited on, some employees stocking, and others going in the back not coming back, we were finally waiting on one of the agents that had previously been stocking. (showing parts of his body that I wished I had not seen).  When asked how he could help us, we explained to him we were wanting the deal about getting the iPhone 13 for our phones.  He said we could get only $400 for each of our phones.  We said  that ok with this. AS he was filling out the paperwork he told us to go over to the wall that held all the things that go with the phone and pick out was we wanted.  Cases, screen savers, chargers, etc.,.  We did as we were told.  He explained that the credit for the phones would come off each month (22.00) for the next 36 months and our bill would go up to 130.00.  This next bill would be slightly higher because of the activation fee.  We said ok with that.  When he gave us the paper to sign it had our next bill being $525.00.  When asking him why, he said because of the fees that are going to be on the next bill and with all the taxes and such.  Never once saying that we were being charged for all the extra stuff we picked out on the wall.  He was giving us the impression that it was all together in the one price with the phone.  Just was mumbling that it was just all those fee they just add up.  If we knew that we were paying that much, we would not have paid for these things here.  We have been with Verizon 25 years almost and never have we had this kind of trouble with our bill. I talked with 3 people the next day.  Patricia said she could understand and when when talked with her supervisor he also agreed to give us a credit on  our bill as soon as it comes available.  This was put on our record.  The next two people I talked to was not of any help what so every.  Then I got ahold of a Jason, which he said that yes he did see it on our record and it would be taken off when the bill was active.  The day the bill came in my email, I called again to get the credit.  After chatting for an hour and another 2 hours talking to a Macro, he said that a supervisor would call me within two hours.  This phone call never happened.  I did  get a message that I did not see until the next day.  I have a request that is open with Verizon, I have sent a message through them ever day since June 29.  They have yet to answer me.  I will be changing my account from acroamatic withdrawal.  Has anyone else been treated so badly?

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Re: Misrepresentation from Verizon sales agent
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bmnoff2002, we are truly sorry to hear about your overall experience. Making sure you receive accurate information is always important. All of your feedback is appreciated, and we will forward your concern to the proper channels. We do not provide accessories for free unless they are part of a promotion. You will have the opportunity to return the accessories within 30 days from your purchase date https://vz.to/2MMYLEz