Misrepresented at Verizon store by salesperson

On June 8th, my husband and I stopped in at the Verizon in Northern KY.  We stopped in looking to trade our phones in to purchase the new IPhone 13.  After a 2 hour wait, we finally sat down with a gentleman.  We had noticed this person earlier stocking shelves, in which when he bent over showing parts that I would rather had not seen.  He was not dress as well as the other, but maybe he was just having a bad day.  He wanted to know what we  wanted and we told he we were there to get the IPhone 13.  He told us we could use our phone and get $400 each for them.  We said ok.  He started filling out the paperwork and he told us to go over to were all the screen savers, cases, etc were and pick out what we liked.  He gave us the impression that it would all one price.  He never once told us this was going to be a separate charge.  This is the first time we have every gone to pick out a phone by ourselves.  We usually let our children do it for us.  When we were looking at the receipt I asked him a few questions about it.  I said that the credit for the phone would come out at 22.00 each month. I agreed that I can understand that.  But I couldn't understand that there was another $410 charge.  He said that it was for taxes, extra things like that.  Never once did he tell us that we were paying for the things that we picked out. We have been with Verizon for 25 years and never have we had any trouble like this.  I feel like I was misrepresented by this man and would like a credit put on my bill for the $410.00.  I have talk and chatted with several people.  Patricia and her supervisor agreed with me and said they would give me this credit to call back after the bill arrived.  Called again and talked with Jason who said he sees this message on my account. And it will happed when the bill goes through.  Last person I talked with now the bill is active, says there is no record of any conversation and it will not be taken off.  How can this happen?  Do I find another courier?  I don't really want to but, I can't get any one to talk to me now.  Bad service  and getting more frustrated ever day.

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Re: Misrepresented at Verizon store by salesperson
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Bmnoff2002, congrats on purchasing your new devices! We want every store experience to be accurate and sorry to hear that this did not happen on your recent store purchase. We can help here. I am going to send a private message for more details. -Pamela