Miss information and not able to provide the service I was sold
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Decebmer 21st I called Verizon and asked if I good get a specific line added to my phone. They looked it up and said I could but I needed an IPhone 11 with dual sims to do it. So they sold me the phone and worked on the transfer. The begining of January I hadn't seem anything about the 2nd line so I called. After being transfered several times they said the transfer was dropped because the number wasn't able to be ported... Frustrated, I asked if they could just give me another number again. So they did, after serval hours they couldn't activate the number on the phone. The next day i call back and still a level 2 tech couldn't do it. I finally gave up after 2 days of trying. So at the end of this the sold me an IPhone 11 Pro Max that could not be activated with 2 lines. Now I have a $1,500 phone that can't do what they said it would. I've been with verizon since the 90's. Shoot before that it was AirTouch. This has been the worste phone experience I've had in my entire life.

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