Missed Calls


So I work for a company where I have to be on call. Well today I came into work and received a write up because I failed to answer my on call. The problem is I never received a call on my phone to come into work. My do not disturb was off and I also have it set for my bosses calls to come through. I received no calls and there was no missed call from his number on my phone.  He showed me that he called me twice around 8 pm eastern time. When I look at the log on my iPhone it shows no missed calls around that time. My boss has accused me of lying and deleting the missed calls.  Anyway  I was wondering if there was anyway to prove that maybe his call didn't go through because of his provider or my provider or if there was another website to view my missed calls. Thanks!

Re: Missed Calls
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Hi Nathajapkowski! Our goal is to provide you the best experience. Please send me a DM and allow me the opportunity to assist you as you deserve.