Missing phone magically

I went through a horrible trade in process with Verizon had me stressed for days. I mailed in my paid off phones I was trading in all 3 in the same box. Verizon received the phones and applied the credit for all 3 then about a week and a half later I received an email saying Verizon was missing one of my phones and taking away credit for the missing phone!!! Missing how? They were all mailed in the same box!!! A “level 2” agent started an investigation for the missing phone which I heard nothing back so one day I call and an agent typed in the phone info and said the phone is in our wear house I wonder why no other agent just did that!? And I said right I wonder why!? …. They reapplied my credit to my account I was stressed for days! 

Re: Missing phone magically
Customer Service Rep

I have had the same experience where I was charged for a device that was returned, so I know that stress, Gilly29. It is great to hear that we got things taken care of, and we sincerely are saddened to hear that it took so many follow ups and escalations to correct what seems to have been a systematic error. Now that the phone credit situation has been taken care of, is there anything else we can do for you? -George