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I upgraded to FIOS gigabit Connection back in June. I should have been automatically upgraded to Mobile + Home level 3. Two months later I was still stuck at mobile + home level 2. I have talked to about 7 different support agents from late August to now. The 3rd agent I talked to advise me to unenroll me from mobile + home level 2 in the hopes that once I re-enroll it would give me mobile + home Level 3.  That wasn't the case because since then all I get is a message saying "oops it looks like something went wrong" every single time I try to enroll. 

The 7th agent I talked to credited me 10th dollars for the month of August, I guess cause the agent could not help with my issue. After the Autopay I was getting a past due of $10 dollars?!. I eventually paid the 10 dollars.

I am pretty much done with support.  I went from having level 2 discount to having no discount. 

P.S The issue is with Verizon Wireless. FIOS have been giving me the correct LEVEL 3 discount from the day I upgraded to the day the 3rd agent unenroll me. I even contacted FIOS just in case and even though they weren't the issue they still gave me an Additional $10 discount every month until DEC 2021!

I tried getting in contact with a higher level of support, but no luck. so now I'm here hoping someone from a higher level of support can help me with my issue.

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Re: Mobile + Home Issue
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_JLM5, help is here as we want to do all that we can to resolve your concern with your Mobile + Home program. I have sent you a Private Message for additional support.