Mobile Hotspot Setup Issues
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Hello all--

I received a new iphone 14 Max for the holidays and everything was going well until I tried to access my mobile hotspot. When I went to Setting->Cellular, it told me I needed to set up a hotspot. I clicked on it and was directed to log in to Verizon. After doing this, I still could not find out how to active/set it up. I chatted with support and after checking various settings and things (i.e. that my plan includes a hotspot--it does), they had me do a network reset. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to solve the issue and it cleared the chat entirely. I do not have time to restart the chat process today so I was hoping that perhaps someone here could help in the meantime. 

I appreciate it!8AD328ED-50A3-4B36-B66F-6805FACCA96D.png59422ABB-2C45-4A14-9723-5EEE8DD37681.png

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Re: Mobile Hotspot Setup Issues
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Hi, I hope you are having an excellent afternoon, I understand the urgency of getting your hotspot working, please send us a PM, so we can provide you the assistance you deserve. Remember Verizon Social Media Team is available 24/7, and we are eager to assist you and resolve any questions or concerns with you!