Mobile hotspot doesn't work on the $90/mo pla

I just switched to Verizon from Google Fi. I travel frequently so hotspot is important for me in airports/cafes/etc. I have an iPhone 12. The hotspot works fine for most everything, including gmail, stackoverflow, general web browsing, etc. However, I play a game called Runescape (oldschool runescape) and the hotspot does not work with this game. When I try to load the game, I get an error that says "cannot connect to server." I can do everything else with the hotspot except play this game.


When I had google fi, the hotspot would work just fine for playing old school runescape. Now it does not work anymore and it's super frustrating, especially for a phone plan that is almost $100/month. Anyone have experience with Verizon hotspot issues?

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Re: Mobile hotspot doesn't work on the $90/mo pla
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If a network reset doesn't resolve it, could be network congestion which  nothing outside of convincing others to stop using data so you can play a game is going to work.

I had Project Fi and the voice service of that was laughably bad. I'd get no service in areas my GFs phone got 3 bars. Data is another story, Verizon's network has had a congestion problem for years.

Re: Mobile hotspot doesn't work on the $90/mo pla
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We are happy to know you made the switch into our family, exitfailure. I have not personally experienced what you described above, and this is also the first time learning of such. Regardless, we'd be happy to lend a hand in this mystery. If the server cannot be reached, and if this is only impacting this particular game in multiple locations and nothing else, it could be on Runescape's end. Cost is important, especially for $100. Are you having any other wireless issues when traveling besides this game?  I understand it worked with Google-Fi, but there could be certain protocols set in place on Runescapes's end preventing their server from being reached when using our Hotspot feature. Have you attempted to contact the developer of this particular game?