Moved... poor service

I moved within the same zip code... and my phone does not work or get service in my new place!  I bought the iPhone 12 FOR 5G and at home I now have one bar and agonizing wait times for anything g to load, even when I am also connected to internet.  Is it my settings!?   Can anyone help?  Btw, when I lived a few blocks from my new place I never had this issue and, if fact, often had 5WB available.  

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Re: Moved... poor service
Customer Service Rep

Congrats on your new home & iPhone, Maryeo1234. We know how important it is to stay connected & want to help. To gain clarity, do you notice these service issues during a specific time of day or anytime? Are other VZW users also experiencing these service issues while at your home? Does the problem persist indoors/outdoors? Please share the zip code where the problem persists.