Multi line protection
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My daughter lost her phone at a funeral. I thought I had all of my lines insured.  The multi line protection plan was offered to me because I assumed the agent had my best interest in mind. This was not the case. I was scammed, lied and deceived by Verizon.  I have been with Verizon for over 10 years.  I went back and forth with customer service with Asurion and Verizon for 2 days, being on hold for 90+ minutes.  To be told that there is nothing neither  can do to help me.  IF I WAS AWARE THAT ALL OF MY LINES DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE, I WOULD HAVE INSURED THEM before trying to place an insurance claim.  I thought the multi line device program protected my whole family not only 3 members.   This is a scam by Verizon.  

Thanks not treating me with loyalty like I have been to Verizon

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