Multiple dropped calls daily-tech support insufferable
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I'm a principal of a commercial  construction company that has a  multi-line business account with VZW.  My own line routinely experiences multiple call failures daily and has done so since Q4 2022.   My home office is attached to my residence and located 20 minutes south of Boston, MA.   Visitors to my neighborhood and office experience the same failure problems.  Our firm is highly technologically equipped and we use a 3rd party IT firm.   I am situated between 2 cell towers, with the furthest one being 2 miles away.  I’m not exaggerating when saying I've contacted VZW tech so many times since 2022 I've lost count.  Every discussion and troubleshooting process is a repeat of a prior call and there’s no apparent knowledge sharing between technical support calls. Tech level 2 has not been helpful.  Even the tech call log is missing details of my calls and even reference to prior calls. 

Exchanging a 2-month-old iPhone 13 Pro to try and correct the problem was unsuccessful and I ended up with a used phone 5 months older than the one I exchanged and with an even shorter warranty.  Another technician "bricked" my phone leading me to a panicky rescue visit to a VZW store on a Friday evening. Today I tried a landline call to technical support (remember- my cell calls keep dropping) and after 2+ hours I’d been routed to 4 different VZW technicians.  The first suggested a free network extender, and the 4th technician indicated the ‘temporary solution” of an extender would now cost $190.00. What's worse is that there was no affirmation of an absolute fix to the issue at hand.  Our discussion went no further and I was left hanging.  My request to speak with a manager was deflected with radio silence.

Our organization has been with VZW since early 2000's, and the irony of this situation is that earlier today I transferred our business internet from Comcast to Verizon Fios for better business service.  Starting with a call to VZW billing to correct an overbilling issue, and shifting to technical support, the day ended with no plan or path for solving my business cellular service problem.  I still cannot have reliably consistent & uninterrupted conversations with associates, customers and service providers.  Prior to the introduction of 5G, our area ALWAYS had reliable VZW service that I was happy to talk about.  We’ve done our best to remain loyal to VZW with its great spam filters, but at this point we reluctantly must consider moving our business phones to T-Mobile so that I can accomplish my duties.  I have no sense that tech support is empowered to do more than say they're so sorry and understand my frustration.  The script has gotten old and our network of business friends agrees.  Darn shame...

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Re: Multiple dropped calls daily-tech support insufferable
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Oh my goodness. We are terribly sorry to read you have had these issues with your business acount with us. We definitely want to make sure we get your issues resolved. Please contact our business support through *Valeria