My New Phone

I have the iPhone SE 2022 3rd Generation Midnight Black color and it works great to be small, powerful A15 Bionic Chip. I like it, I like that it has the home button versus a slide up feature for the home button. Best iPhone bang for your buck. I’m happy PokeyMan_23_0-1676865433418.pngwith it. I purchased it cause it ain’t too bad as far as price. It fulfills my needs. Not a heavy bulky phone when I put it on my belt inside the holster. Incredible budget phone I can afford. For a 400 plus dollars phone I’m getting the best chipset in a 2022 smartphone a durable and timeless design. An excellent display and camera setup for the price point. Batter is fine everyday use and a full day cycle is no problem. Excellent service to me. I like that it is an 5G device and when I’m in bigger cities it show up 5G UW meaning Ultra band Wide, very cost effective for needs. I love my new Apple iPhone. I’m so glad Apple made this new 2022 iPhone SE 3rd Generation. I had the 14 pro max for only about 3 and a half months and decided to let it go back as I did not wanna pay for a $1200 phone.

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