My account has been charged for a phone I sent back

I have been with Verizon for ten years now. Amid COVID, my phone was sent back with the shipping label I received from the Verizon store on Inner Perimeter Road in Valdosta, Ga. This month I looked at my account; I am being charged $500+for the returned phone. I have not been able to reach any customer service agent by phone; I keep being directed to the chat. If Verizon provided the shipping label, the location of this phone should be able to be tracked. If I can speak to someone in that department, the process would be less stressful. The return process is an awful experience at a time like this. I'm being forced to pay for a phone that has been returned. If this issue cant be resolved, I will no longer be doing business with Verizon that is a not good business practice. I know mistakes happen, but actions like these make customers lose faith in this company.

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Re: My account has been charged for a phone I sent back
Customer Service Rep

It is important that you are able to locate this device. Did you take a picture of the return label before sending out the package?