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I was under my ex’s account. 11years, he used it to control everything. Listed me as a child . Then took all my information including iCloud. Since then I have had my own account. Issue is I’ve been hacked ever since. Through my account. In the last 4 months I’ve went through 7 iclouds, 3 phones, 2 numbers, every picture can’t think of how many different emails, 4 sims for 13 years, all information gone. Days and months with out service thru my new account. I had to purchase a trac phone to call family over Xmas.. no one know what they are doing I spend  at least 4 hours a day recapturing my account  log in has different zip listed, my security ? Not one I’ve answered. Then they up sold  me on protection plan.. joke. Wifi is off more then on.. security I have none.. owned a phone been locked since I got it could not return cause I could not unlock it. My promise to pay disabled no notice charge me5$ Late fees for 3 months and..there is just to much to add.. quality calls to say they are sorry they can’t do anything.. send phones with other # in them unable to activate.. no one takes action. I still get a new person every day that does not know what they are doing.. I pay... I’m fit to be tied.. I know more about the phone then they do.  Pay me for teaching them.  Crazy.. I have 1 more payment in my device.. it’s gone and so is verizion..... unbelievable how I’ve been treated.. to top it off happened right after mother passed. 13 years of pictures gone.. sorry!! So am I....

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Your security is one of our top priorities. We definitely want to secure your account ASAP! We will be sending you a Private Note, so we can further assist you. MoniqueH_VZW