My bill unexpectedly increased by more than $500
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I upgrade three lines in September 2021 my monthly Bill  increased by more than $300 a month, what are used to be 200 to 250 a month for five lines and now I pay almost $700 a month for five lines less extra iPad service. Siri when I signed up for not authorized seller store that dude address so many extra services like cloud call mom home device call Ma verizon Auburn to you protection plan call Ma and changed my plan to the highest monthly payment like $50-$55 per month for each line which I used to pay around 30 $35 for each line. I was sick from September to January so never get a chance to check how much auto payment is going on from my account and they would just keep charging me until I found out in February and I called Verizon and still the issue is still unresolved.


if anyone experienced the same please tell me how I can complain to the higher Apple level so somebody can listen and try to get to work with my outstanding charges.

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