My cancelled order does not get cancel for 10 days
I have been trying to place an order to buy a new iPhone 13pro. I want to pickup the phone at any store near me. The app shows few locations that has it in stock. I place order and it went straight to shipping. When I cancelled order it took 10 days to get it cancelled. I was not able to place any new order until then. So I place another order this time with representative on the phone. She checked the location which has the device in stock. She placed an order and I paid money. Now after an hour or so my order gets cancelled again. When I called store they said they it’s been a while they did not have that phone in stock. And now I have to wait for 10 more days??? I never experienced such horrible experience ever!! Please help me to get a phone!! I don’t think it should take 20-30 days for an order!!!!! Please help! It is very frustrating!
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