My microphone goes in and out during some conversations

I have a relative new new iPhoneXS.  I purchased it during Thanksgiving last year.  I have contacted both Verizon and Apple, each one tells me that it's the other ones fault.  Ever since I've had this phone, after a few minutes of being on a phone call, the person on the other line hears my voice going in and out, or stops hearing it completely. I, on the other hand, hear everything they say loud and clear.  Because of this problem, I cannot give up our landline. What ends up happening is I hang up, then called then from our home number to continue the conversation.  What could be causing this problem?  Personally, I think it's the phone, even though I spent hours at the Apple store having them check it, reset my phone (which cause them to lose all of my years of precious saved voicemails from my children), Them telling me there is no problem, and then soon finding out the problem still continues.

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