So, I bought, directly from Apple, a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, as my existing iPhone 8 is getting old now. The phone arrived on time etc, but NO SIM card. I called Verizon and was told that I needed a new SIM card as my old one does not support 5G and the new phone does etc. I asked for a SIM card to be shipped to me on 17dec....and was told it would arrive next Tuesday 21st. Well, today is the 22nd and the mail came and went, no SIM card. So, I risked my life and called customer services. 25 minutes later and it turns out NO SIM card was even ordered for me. I gave up and hung up as I had wasted too much time on hold to get a simple answer like "when might I expect my SIM card". 3 call backs later and a new customer service rep and the "computers are slow today" and I still don't have any answers as to when I might get a SIM card. I do not want to go to a store and deal with Pushy sales people who want to upsell me and make me pay more money etc. I asked, if the local store could send me a SIM card as all the cost services people want me to o is GO to a store. again, another 15-20 minutes on the phone and apparently cust services aren't able to place an order for me for a SIM card and offered to call me back when they are...I have been a customer of Verizon for over 10 years now in one account or another. VERIZON HAS ZERO useful customer services. If I have to walk into a store it will not be a Verizon store I will port my number to T-Mobile or dare I say it AT&T if I have to.....will give it a few more days to see if I even get a call back but am not holding my breath......The amount we get charged monthly/annually for the use of a cell phone and the customer service just goes further and further down the toilet......SO DISAPPOINTED, but should really have expected this......

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