Need to reach Verizon Corporate Office to File a Complaint with CEO about the Verizon Store refusing Service
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I have been a Verizon customer for  well over a decade.  One of my son's iphone broke (it does not work) and given that it is an older model, I decided to get him iphone 11 pro or pro max. We looked up a local store that is open and a location that offers in store services and after reviewing the policy for the store (given it is COVID-19 pandemic), we drove to Marietta, GA store on Johnson's Ferry Rd.  My son and I wore masks covering our mouth and nose as well as used a hand sanitizer prior to getting out of the car to make sure we were following all the posted rules for the store.

The parking lot was empty and there were no other customers outside or any customers in the store either. Sales person came out and I thought she was there to greet us. She asked us why we were there and I told her we were there to purchase  a new iphone because my son's iphone broke. She told us that only one of us could go into the store. I told her I needed for my son to see which size of 11 pro he wanted and she told me "you cannot look at the phones" and that only one person from family can go into the store to make a purchase. She said "You  have to  know going in exactly which phone you want". I asked her where was that policy that only one person per family can go in and that we cannot look at the phones ( I told her I could understand if she did not want for us to touch it.). I explained to her that I had reviewed the store policy in advance and that was not on there. 

She pointed to one of the many signs on the store door. The sign stated that only one person per sales person is allowed into the store. There were 2 sales people I could see form the  outsid and also a third person I assume was a security guard and no other customers anywhere. They were just standing around and talking. I told her that we only needed one sales person and that we were in compliance with all posted requirements and rules for social distancing, maximum people in the store (there would be only myself and my son), wearing masks, and making a purchase. She refused to let us in and walked  back into the store with an attitude after telling me that only one of us could go in and that was it. 

I opened the door to ask a question and at that point the security guard told me I could not go into the store because I can only enter the store to make a purchase. I told him that we were there to make a purchase but they were denying us an access to the store even though we were following all the rules posted online and also on the signs on the store. While I was trying to call the corporate office  standing outside of the store in the rain, there were no other customers there. The sales people were standing around, talking, looking at me and laughing. Then they closed the store. 

I cannot imagine that Verizon is doing so well during this time that they do not need our business. Those employees are there getting paid to sell phones, service plans, and provide customer service. Yet, they refused to do their job. For no reason, we were refused access to the store that is supposed to be open even though we followed every rule posted by them. I have never been treated like this in my life.  I am so upset about this that most likely I will switch to AT&T. I am so glad this happened now before I purchased new phones for us. We are all in a need of an upgrade and I am waiting for iphone 12 pro before making upgrades. Unfortunately, my son needs upgrade now due to his phone not working at all. 

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Re: Need to reach Verizon Corporate Office to File a Complaint with CEO about the Verizon Store refusing Service
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The store listed a one person limitation, told you this and you're making a fuss about them doing their job by complaining on a customer to customer forum how they aren't doing their job. Maybe AT&T will appreciate you.

Re: Need to reach Verizon Corporate Office to File a Complaint with CEO about the Verizon Store refusing Service
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Thank you sir. I appreciate you sharing this occurrence on this “customer to customer platform”. Given the amount of money EACH family forks over to Verizon MONTHLY , every customer is interested in a customer service experience whereby a customer is treated like trash. Seriously 🙄 especially during this Covid/restricted living nonsense 

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your story.