Never got my first responder discount..?!

My wife and I are both first responders and have been for years. When we upgraded to iPhone 11 Pros at the Verizon store with a rep, he was told of this and promised us “a huge discount for being first responders”. He said that we will need to wait for a billing cycle then it will kick in automatically. Subsequently we forgot to check on this due to life yada yada but I just saw a commercial for Verizon Frontline and stopped in abs spoke with the same rep, who didnt recognize me (not surprised, it’s been almost 2 years). 

when he pulled up our account, he said there is no discount whatsoever. When I asked why it never “kicked in” he gave me #8899 on a scrap of paper and told me to call them tomorrow. 

so it seems I’ve been overpaying for service based off a lie that they used to get us to upgrade unnecessarily, considering we had iPhone X’s that worked perfectly fine. 

now I’ve been advised to call that number and sign up for frontline because it’s going to save me “a ton of money” with zero information, zero apologies and zero resolution to the fact we were lied to and overcharged for 2 years...where’s the sign up for the class action lawsuit, because I see hundreds of posts about the same empty promises about discounts “not kicking in” 

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Re: Never got my first responder discount..?!
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Former phone rep here. This is why we hated store reps. They take zero responsibility and pawn the problem off on someone else.

As far as discounts go, assuming you have two lines on an unlimited plan, that would be $25 off your overall bill. You have to verify with to begin the verification process. Should be able to find the page by doing a search of "Verizon first responder discount" in Google.


Re: Never got my first responder discount..?!
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Gans, we're terribly sorry about the situation. We know it's important to take advantage of all the discounts, and we do apologize that it was added to the account. If you haven't call our Discounts Team, you can always apply the discounts here: Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.