Never had a worse experience upgrading a phone

I wanted to upgrade and get the iPhone 11 Pro. I ordered it and it was shipped. UPS would not deliver it without me being present to get a signature. They however could not deliver it when I can sign for it. UPS blamed Verizon. Verizon blamed UPS. I don't care whos fault it is, I just want my phone. No acceptable pick up options were given, again each blaming each other. 

Calling Verizon is terrible. They put me on hold for 15-30 minutes and then I have talked to rude, condescending reps. One told me drive 45 minutes to the UPS distribution center to pick up the phone and then 45 minutes back home. No other solution. Terrible. The next rep told me to drop Verizon. She actually said that. Another started lecturing me. 

I have had AT&T as well as T-Mobile but I have been with Verizon for the last 10 years. I am now about to drop them and take my  parents, sister and several friends with me. 

Verizons handling of this matter has been terrible. After spending several hours the last couple of days dealing with this, the best option they gave me was to go to the poorly run retail stores and wait several more hours to get the phone. 

I have wasted hours with more to come to give Verizon more of my money and they have basically told me to shove off. 

Everyone here should drop Verizon as soon as they can. They should be accomodating us not us accomodating them. They are too arrogant to see the value of customer service


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Re: Never had a worse experience upgrading a phone

Riiiiight.   So they should leave you $1,000 phone for the porch pirates?   AT&T will do that, then won't replace the phone for a minimum of 2 weeks while they blacklist the stolen device.  
If you can't be home to sign for a package, do in store pick up.  🙄

Re: Never had a worse experience upgrading a phone
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A signature is required so someone doesn't walk off with a thousand dollar package courtesy of you. If a signature being required upon delivery would be an issue, why did you opt for home delivery? You had the option for doing an in store pickup.


Re: Never had a worse experience upgrading a phone
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Or after the first delivery attempt, have the package held at the UPS customer service center or at the UPS store closest to OP's location. 


I have used both options several times over the years for cell phones I ordered and other items that required a signature. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.