New Customer Verizon with VERY VERY BAD customer service experience

I have initially ordered 8 lines of service in which 5 of them new device purchases. I have spent more than 3 hours to place the order with the telesales. She place two orders one with 3 BYOD orders for the SIM Cards and the second 3 iPhone 13 Pro Max + 2 iPhone 13 Pro devices everything went fine and i was charged $79.50 initially and then i got the 3 simcards and one of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

BOOM BOOM !! I received an email saying the order was cancelled due to payment issues. Not sure what happened and i have spent another 6 hours in calls and chats to figure out the reason. So many reasons and transfers no solution. Finally one guy said like a pro that he can solve everything and he did but he made up another mess all together. He said the old order cannot be processed and it can only be cancelled and we need to process the new order.

SO NOW NEW ORDER Processed this time 4 devices 2 iPhone 13 Pro Max and 2 iPhone 13 Pro and this time he told me i need to goto the verizon store near by to submit the trade in devices. And again this order was sent to Fraudulent check and i submitted my ID to get it processed and got the devices and activated it.


I went to store first time, The person whom we met in the store said he cannot process it i can only ship them. we came back.

Second visit to the near by store, this time a different store, we went and that guy told you devices are not correctly mapped and now i can take only for the market value and again i need to talk to customer to get this rectified. I did not submit the phones and brought it back with me and told i will come back tomorrow by getting this confirmed from a customer service executive.

Now, called and chatted the customer for several hours again explaining what happened on the stores after several transfers one person told to submit the trade ins in store and then with the confirmation he can correct the trade in values as promised as in the initial order.

Third Visit to the same store i visited second time, this time spoke to the manager of the store and explained the situation she says now they can't do anything with this trade as it was processed online. It needs to be shipped to the warehouse directly. So back to round one.

Now to ship it to the warehouse i need return labels the old one were not properly sent to me. So if i ask them return labels they are asking submission id which i dont know and with the link they provide i can find it even with my email id. I have only one submission id some how i found it on my account history. 

Is this an experience you give to a customer who moves in with 8 lines of services. This is totally frustrating and making me to feel why i chose Verizon literally. Sorry to say this but this how it feels.

I need submission ids or return labels to process the trade in correctly. Any help here is much appreciated. 

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