New IPhone 11 Setup Issues
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I just got a new phone and service with you guys. I put in my SIM card, but I get an error saying iPhone is not activated, please contact your carrier, and I am unable to text, call or use LTE. I switched my old SIM card just to see what would happen and it activated. But when I switched back to the Verizon SIM, it had the same error. I can only assume the issue is with the SIM card or your servers. At this time I've spent 4 hours trying every troubleshoot and fix and nothings working.

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Re: New IPhone 11 Setup Issues
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Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out to us today, Heemhsn. We understand the importance of needing to have your new phone activated. I'd like to get more specific details. I have sent you a Private Message. Please reply to that message. Thanks.