New Line/Free Used Phone Deal Issue
Enthusiast - Level 1

Over the holiday season I saw an offer for a free used iPhone with the addition of a new line. We've been wanting to add our daughter to our plan so I thought this would be great. I ordered online as the deal specified, added the line and selected an approved free used iphone 12 pro.

When I signed up, I previewed my new bill and didn't see the cost of the iPhone deducted from my bill. Instead I had a monthly payment. I called support and they assured me that once I signed up, I would be credited for the cost of the phone.

Two billing cycles have passed and I'm still getting charged for the phone and no credit has been applied.

Anybody have any ideas on how to get this fixed? I'm having a difficult time with chat, the automated responses are not helpful, and I'm having trouble getting through via phone.

I would love to get this resolved - I think it was probably just an issue with website ordering process not communicating with billing correctly.