New Phone Not Received but I am being charged! Please Help

I ordered/upgraded to a new phone on 8/11/21. The phone was not delivered to my home and was rerouted for some reason to the warehouse in Texas. I have made multiple calls and have shown up in person at my local Verizon store in attempts to resolve this. I "ticket" was started a week ago for my case allegedly, but I have heard nothing. My Verizon website says it is on it's way, my FedEx says it was delivered to Texas (I live in Arizona). 

I have made multiple calls to Verizon and sat on hold, as well as spent almost on hour in my local store and this is no closer to being resolved. And now I am coming up on the deadline to return my current device in good condition for credit. It was supposed to be 2 days shipping and it has been weeks. 

I would appreciated any assistance as soon as possible. 

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Re: New Phone Not Received but I am being charged! Please Help
Customer Service Rep

Hello, it breaks our heart to see you in this new phone purchase dilemma. We take pride in providing a world-class experience. Rest assured we will clear things up. We sent you a Private Note.  ~Gilbert