New Phone was Returned to Sender - What now?

So I upgraded to an iPhone 14 PM but my account did not have my apartment number on it so when they sent the phone it ended up being returned to sender. This unfortunately happened with no attempt to contact me to update shipping address at all from the shipping carriers, even though it was reflected in the shipping history that they tried to update to a better address. From the "my orders" page it's showing a tracking number linking to FedEx but in my email, there is a tracking number from UPS saying a package is coming from Verizon as well so not sure why there is 2 tracking numbers with 2 different carriers. I did order accessories and that may be why but I'm not sure since they're both reflecting the same status's. UPS and FedEx both are showing my items were delivered back to Fort Worth this morning. I already paid for the accessories, the upgrade costs, and taxes on the phone. My questions are, should I expect them to refund this to me along with canceling my trade in? If it is refunded does it go back to my account or to my actual method of payment? I called into support earlier and they said if they just updated the address the shipping carrier will try to redeliver to me. I had called after they had reflected being shown returned to the warehouse. I fail to see how they would be able to redeliver since it is already being shown as delivered back to Fort Worth. All this from not having an apartment number on the shipping address. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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