New customer, terrible experience

I buy a new phone and spend money on new accessories after switching to Verizon from T Mobile. My first big mistake. Now I am missing important text messages and phone calls at work with this service. I will forever tell my friends and family about this terrible experience. The Verizon employees promised me the world but set me up to fail. Worst experience ever with a cell phone carrier. 

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Re: New customer, terrible experience
Customer Service Rep

Mikemorgancre, we strive to provide the best possible connection at all times, so we're right here to help. First, thank you very much for coming over to us, as we do appreciate your business! Secondly, I'm so very sorry that you're having issues with our service. Allow us to do all we can to help you. Do you have problems everywhere you go or just in one specific location? If it is just in one specific location, can you please provide the zip code of where the problems are occuring?