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Really hate this phone since I've upgraded. It is sucking up my data and no one seems to be able to help. Yes, I have googled it. Yes, I now turn my phone off cellular most of the time. Yes, I followed suggestions to turn off most of my apps. and not refresh my background. etc..etc.. Yes, I have spoken to you folks at Verizon. Had an overage last month due to data that was uploaded from my old phone to my new phone. It took "3 days" to download. That was done by a Verizon personal that didn't have me connected to their wifi. After speaking with 3 different people at Verizon chat, the last one gave me unlimited data for the duration of the month. Great… But now, I still have the same problem of this stupid phone eating data. I have gone from 76% to 67% data in one day and have 21 days left. That is with my cell data turned off last night. Is it the iOS 11 system that is defective?? From what I have read, many, many others are having the same problem. Would love my old iPhone 7 back. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years. I have never, using the word never here, gone over my 8g of data. I shouldn't be forced to upgrade to unlimited for a product I purchased in good faith that doesn't work as I was told it would by Verizon.

Going down to the Verizon store to see if anyone can perform some magic.

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ios 11???..i've got 12 on an old 5s & 6+.

9% for one day isn't using much data. 

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We are sorry to see that you haven't had a good experience with your new iPhone, and we apologize for the inconvenience of you having to go to one of our stores to find a solution. We know that seeing your data go from 76 % to 67% in one day can be alarming and our main goal is to help. Please keep in mind that application developers are always working to improve their applications by bringing in new features. These new features allow your device to be connected in real time and can cause higher data usage. Additionally, your device has a higher definition of video quality which can result in more data being consumed. The best way to address the data consumption is by seeing what applications are causing the usage directly on your device. Here is a link where you can see application data usage: Please let us of what you see on your phone.

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