New line not added to my account

I've normally had wonderful support from Verizon, but I added a line and phone recently for my son. It arrived while I was travelling for work, so when I could I turned it on and went about setting it up with him.

But NO Cellular. After an infuriating 90 minute session yesterday with a tech rep who was unresponsive and not remotely tuned into my problem, I finally ended the session after he hadn't replied for at least 20 minutes. Today I got someone who was responsive finally, only to be told that the new line hadn't been added to my account! After a week and a half! So now I have to wait another 24-48 hours for that to happen, but I needed to set up the Smart Family parameters for him now before he travels tomorrow. Wow. So frustrating.

Feels like no real concern about the issues we consumers feel. Anyone else have a declining sense of support?

Re: New line not added to my account
Customer Service Rep

This is very concerning to hear, we want to ensure you are getting the best service we can provide with the assistance you need. Let's get this feedback submitted, please send us a Private Note for further details.