New phone deal, new line, then transfer new line to gizmowatch?
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Long time customer. All the deals are for new line adds...

-Can I get one of these new phone promo deals, then afterwards, transfer the new line to a new gizmowatch that I may buy?

- Can this be done without losing the promo deal price on the newly purchased phone?

- Does it require a period of time I'd have to wait before doing this? Note that the gizmowatch line is $10/month, I forget what the new line cost is for the new phone, so that'd be a difference, but the gizmowatch line would be less expensive...

Re: New phone deal, new line, then transfer new line to gizmowatch?
Customer Service Rep

We offer several promotions, cutiger04. Some require a new line, some do not. Each has its own terms and conditions. You may also look in your My Verizon for offers there. Please allow me to address your specific questions. If you get a new line and a new phone under that promotion, and subsequently change it to a Gizmo Watch line, the promotion would end, as it is tied to both the device and the line. To your other point, the Gizmo Watch price plan would also negate the promotion for the new phone. There would not be a way for you to keep the promotion by "paying the difference" in other words. Does this help clarify the details?