New phone missing from shipment

I ordered a new phone and phone case that were supposed to arrive today. A box containing just the phone case arrived yesterday. No phone arrived today. I look up my order on my account and there is just one tracking number given for both items, and it says delivered yesterday. The phone absolutely was not in the box.

I spent around an hour on your chat with a representative who replied to me 3 times the whole hour, and did not give me any information about where my phone is or what will be done about how I've paid for a phone I didn't receive. This is unacceptable and unprofessional and if this isn't resolved satisfactorily and fast I will take all 6 lines from my family plan to another carrier.

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Re: New phone missing from shipment
Customer Service Rep

sfb10, you can count on us to help check on the order with you to see exactly what is going on. So we can help, please send us a Private Note. *Jose