New promotion for early upgrade is false advertising!!!!
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I was sent an email and text last week that I qualify for the early upgrade to the iphone 14. I was not able to upgrade via the app or online. I called and was sent to two different customer care associates as well as billing. The promo states, if you have paid over 50% of your phone that Verizon will pay off the difference. I was on the phone for well over an hour and was told by billing I do qualify, I was told by customer care that it is a glitch and they do not know anything about this promotion. So, I called again today now that the promotion is present on the website. Customer Care kept me on the phone and told me today that I have paid well over half of my previous phone, but it doesn't count because I haven't paid a total of 15 or 16 payments on the device, but I have over 50% paid. (Which is what the promo states). Verizon will not upgrade me and honor the early upgrade promotion. After a total of 45 minutes customer care told me there's nothing I can do but pay off my phone to get the new phone. Which completely rules out the whole reason for wanting the promotion! Verizon support is a joke and doesn't honor their promotions to loyal customers. It is ridiculous and don't even waste your time with them like I did. #Earlyupgradepromotion #joke #Iphone14pro

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