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New to iPhone --- help!

Last Wednesday I got my first iPhone 4s.  I feel bi-polar about it.  I hate it one minute and love it the next.  I get confused how to download apps and my email.  Please tell me something that would me excited about owning this phone before I take it back next Wednesday.   Are the other Smartphones easier to use.  I find it takes a few seconds to even turn on!  My other old phone was instant.    Help!  Thanks. 

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Re: New to iPhone --- help!

Smartphones are Alittle slow to turn on but I think this is pretty quick. IMessage I love I can text free anyone with an iPhone iPod iPad etc with ios5 or further. Apps u go to the app market to do. If u love those Facebook games like FarmVille u can do etc on ur iPhone because u don't have flash. I love Siri when it works and dictation. The apps are less buggy then android. I don't hear a lot of complaints because of a bad app. Gtoolkit is great an app for all ur gmail stuff. Also if u do AppleCare and u break ur phone u only have to pay $50 deductable. Love that. Love how u don't have to wait for a phone to be replaced u can go to apple. Love my gurlscout cookie Sale tracker fandango myverizon etc. also I love love how these phones even if the need to delete u can get ur stuff back. You don't have to manually so great toô