No Calls/Text from Android Devices
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Can’t make/receive calls or receive text iPhone 11 Pro Max

My phone (iOS 13.1.2) won’t make calls or accept incoming calls. In addition, I cannot receive text messages other than from an iPhone device. Due to the location of my office, I do not have cell signal. With my previous Samsung Note 9 device, I was able to connect to Airplane Mode, then WiFi and receive uninterrupted phone calls and text messages. (Using wifi calling was not needed) I've recently switched to an iPhone and I'm at a loss of how to make this work.

  • Tried using WiFi calling
  • Tried restarting
  • Tried resetting network settings

The device works fine from home, or out and about. When I got the device last week, I had no problems connecting via WiFi.

Any help would be appreciated. I constantly worry I'll miss a call from my child's school.

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