No Intergrity
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In December 2020, I was sent an offer for $579 off an iPhone Mini or any other iPhone for one of my phone lines. I attempted to accept this offer through the website but there was an issue with the site accepting my credit card, so I decided to call and take advantage of this offer. I got through and the order was placed. The phone arrived and I thought everything was set. Unfortunately this is not the case and only where this story starts.

I saw a credit of $8.33 on my account for the phone I sent as a trade-in. I figured this would correct itself in a month or so as other issues in the past have. February came and it still wasn't fixed so I again called. I was told not to worry and that the issue would be resolved.

March, April, May and June, still no correction. I called in June and was informed that this would be escalated and resolved. So I call today and after an hour on hold was informed that while the escalation was done, it came back rejected. They said because of how this was entered there is no record of the offer and that instead of getting $579 off the phone, I would be paying that amount.

This is how Verizon treats a customer with multiple phone lines and decades of being a loyal customer. If you're looking to go to a different carrier, I'd highly recommend it. As soon as I can find a way to leave, I'm gone.