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Time and time again, I see there are no loyalty specials for existing customers.  There is nothing to sustain customers staying with Verizon.  I am considering paying off the one apple watch we have and taking my 4 phones lines, two watches and iPad elsewhere considering one would have to open and entire new line of service just to get a BOGO or loose the current phone numbers and start over.  I have already lost a number we had for 10 years and some random person started texting me from it less than 12 months later when we I was assured the line would be moved to my iPad once I opened a new line last time. This did not happen. Here we are again.  Time to upgrade and it's the first time since 1997 having gone from Verizon of Cali to Voda (Euro Verizon counterpart) and back to Verizon upon being stateside again that I am seriously considering baling.  Loyalty does not matter clearly...and that is the one single message I have seen through all of these community pages regarding upgrades and promos for existing customers.  Keeping us does not matter.


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Hey, psychinfo, although we don't have any BOGO's that don't require adding a line right now, we do still have plenty of great promotions that don't require one! Here is a link to our promotions we have right now . Some phones like the S20 have trade in promotions for up to $400 off! ScottD_VZW

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Unfortunately this is usually the norm for all carriers with exception from the rare promotion when a carrier is losing a lot of customers in an attempt to keep things going (I believe T-Mobile recently did this after the absorption of Sprint had them losing some Sprint customers that weren’t too interested in being with T-Mobile). I definitely get the frustration but in general...unless you’re open to switching every time it’s upgrade time to get new customer offers it’s something that you’ll have to get used to unless the industry decides to make a change. Shop for best offers (depending on the condition of your current devices and the age you might do better selling them yourself and using that towards your new devices). And if you do opt to switch to get a new customer deal make sure the service is what you are comfortable with in the areas you use your device the most. That’s often the biggest complaint some have when leaving for a new customer deal if they didn’t check first.