No SIM card Error / 13 mini 128GB

Continue to get error that I have NO SIM card in my phone and then can't make calls, texts, etc.  I have had this same phone/SIM card for almost a year and no other issues before.  I have taken it to local Verizon store 3 times now, they have rebooted, removed/reinstalled SIM card, and did some updates to the phone.  I bring it home and get the same issue.   If I take out the SIM card, turn on/off Airplane mode or restart I might be able to make a call or two before it tells me that NO SIM  card installed.  What are my options?  Do I need a new SIM card?  Is there another work around?  I need my phone for business and this is not working. And as I stated, this phone is less than a year old.  Thank you!

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Re: No SIM card Error / 13 mini 128GB
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We will definitely do everything we can to resolve this.  A private message is being sent so that we can fully assist you.