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I have spent more than 15 hours in the last two days trying to address my issue. I've been on and off the phone and in chats with Verizon and I've been to the Apple Store more times than I can count. 

Long story short: Two days ago all network service in my area stopped working on my phone. I live in a populated area less than 20 miles from NYC, an area where I had never previously had any major problems with service.  When I leave my neighborhood now, service intermittently comes back on, juggling between LTE with a bar or two and "No Service". On a couple of occasions, all service returned for a short period of time and I was able to call out.  But when I cross one particular street as I head home, any call I am on immediately drops and I return to "No Service". This has never happened with this phone nor with this network in the several years I've lived in the area. My wife's iPhone (on the same Verizon plan) is working, but has also started dropping out at the same point in the street just this morning. 


Yesterday after many diagnostics, Apple ended up replacing my phone (the rear system to be exact, which includes all inside components, and comes with a new serial number). We tried every reset under the sun and tried switching from my old SIM card to an eSIM and back to a new SIM card. The problem persisted. Apple said it is without a doubt a Verizon issue. 

After several calls with Verizon, they have pushed the "it's an Apple issue" line and don't really seem interested in investigating any type of outage, even though different reps told me different stories about a very recent outage that was supposedly fixed. Their only solution is to send me a network extender. Perhaps, this will help around home, but as soon as I leave, it's bound to be an issue again. One rep also suggested me buying Verizon insurance for my phone so I can just get a new one (the phone was purchased from Apple), but I don't see why I should be made to pay a dime for this situation. 

I'm at my wit's end with this nonsense and the number of hours I've lost trying to make Verizon give me the service I pay for. One rep did offer me a monthly bill discount; I'll take it, but that's not enough. I can't be stuck between two conglomerates pointing figures at each one. 

FIX YOUR NETWORK VERIZON!!! Any previous hardware issues have been rectified and I tend to believe it's on your end, especially now that my wife is starting to experience the same issue. No software issues were found by either Verizon or Apple. 

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Re: No Service - Westchester County, NY
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I'm terribly sorry to hear you've had such trouble getting service recently. Our goal is always to keep you connected and make sure everything is solved and you get the service you need. I'm somewhat confused by some of the responses you've been given though. If that much of your phone was replaced than a new one from insurance shouldn't make a difference. Usually an extender would only be recommended if we confirmed it is a network issue too, and that it is one we can't fully resolve. I'd like to see the notes on our end about what has been done so I can see what the next steps will be. I've sent you a private message so we can do just that.