No Service iphone 13

i paid to reactivate my account. the suspension on my device has lifted yet i still dont have service after multiple hours. ive already done the troubleshooting as well as the customer service texting. still no service. it bounces between 1 bar and back to no service. my balance is paid in full and i even paid into next months bill to make sure. 

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Re: No Service iphone 13

? Any resolution? Same issue been 6 hours new phone still won’t work

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I was on the phone with 4 different level 1 and level 2 reps for about 4 hours today. (Verizon has the worst CS and the worst process but I’ll save that rant for another time.) 

I upgraded 2 lines on my account to an iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max. I set them up this morning and checked everything was working fine before leaving the house (incoming/outgoing calls, texts, messages). After about an hour, I got a pop up “LTE Calls Turned Off” and then nothing worked. Luckily I have my work phone which is on T-Mobile so I call Verizon Wireless tech support. 

After numerous tries to switch the SIM card from e-SIM to physical SIM, resetting network settings, turning on and off, one finally told me that this is a bug and a known issue they are actively working on. Apparently, this issue started yesterday for new iPhone 13’s. They were absolutely no help, and were condescending telling me to turn my WiFi on to use the phone in the meantime or to ask me invasive questions. It was quite ridiculous.

I figured out how to fix the issue myself but it’s temporary and it happens again. No rhyme or reason as to when or why. Here are the steps I take.

- Take the SIM card out.
- Reset Network Settings

- Put the SIM card back in. 

I was able to fix both our phones like this but again it happens again randomly and I take the same steps and it’s fixed again. 

At this point, I’m considering taking my 8 lines to T-Mobile since my work phone is great. Their CS is also great and I get better service with my work phone in my area. This is beyond frustrating and ridiculous. 

If anyone has a more permanent fix, please post!

Re: No Service iphone 13
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I have the problem too. I also activated the sim card on 5th March, and I also uses iphone 13. Looks like anyone uses iphone 13 and activate on 5th March has this issue. Restarting multiple times may temporarily fix it