No cellular connection and frequent dropped calls
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I am a long time Verizon wireless customer and still have a Verizon landline which should tell you just how long of a LOYAL customer I have been.

I have mentioned this situation  in the past before with customer service, that my calls drop in certain spots around Baltimore, MD. However,  in the last 6-8 months the frequency of dropped calls has increased and is quite troubling. It no longer matters where I am. I was even standing outside of my home and not moving while on a call and the call dropped repeatedly! 

When I have spoken with other Verizon wireless customers with newer iPhones they also have had the same issues throughout the Baltimore, MD region. 

One of the selling points for having Verizon was its reliable network. Now I feel as if I am on the old Sprint network which was ridiculously spotty!! I do not want to buy a  non Apple phone nor do I want to leave Verizon, but for the amount of money I pay, I should have MUCH better service!

What is the proper solution to this issue? I cannot continue the almost daily reset of my phone and weekly reset of network settings. It is maddening and an inconvenience.

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Re: No cellular connection and frequent dropped calls
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We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with calls around Baltimore, MD. We're not showing any network issues in the area, but we still want to take a closer look. I'll be sending you a Private note shortly.