No iPhone BOGO deals for loyal existing customers?
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Does Verizon offer these BOGO deals for existing customers? From what I see on, they treat non-customers better than customers. Non-customers can get a BOGO or $700 off iPhone, but existing customers can't. This is disappointing. We're a loyal customer with 9 lines and Apple Watches too. Am I missing something? It seems fair for Verizon to offer the best deals to existing customers, or at least as good a deals as they offer non-customers. Please let me know if there's a fair offer like this and I'm just not seeing it.

Note: I'm not talking about a trade-in offer. Those aren't really deals. They're just buying your existing phone at a wholesale price.

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Re: No iPhone BOGO deals for loyal existing customers?
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New customers don't get access to the original unlimited data plan without restrictions or any loyalty plans in general. That's worth way more than a phone with a 2 year life span.