No longer receiving text messages from Andriod user or third party vendors for confirmation texts.
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As of a week ago I am no longer able to text a contact, nor are they able to text me. I have not made any updates (aside from the most recent iphone update, which was in advance of the issue presenting itself), nor is the contact blocked on my phone or my verizon app, nor am I blocked as a contact through their carrier or phone, all of my other household members are able to receive texts from this contact and they have phones on my account and range from iphone 8 plus, SE and iPhone 13 Pro. I am not only not receiving texts from this contact but have also noticed when working through other third-party sites where they send you verification texts these are no longer coming through either. I have checked my network settings, my iMessage settings, my MMS settings and nothing is working.  I have noticed that my phone is the ONLY phone out of all 4 of the phones we have on our account that shows "Extended Network" and not Verizon.  Please advise.

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