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No longer want iPhone...what are my options?

I have decided that the features of my iPhone do not outweigh the costs associated with it and would therefore like to switch back to a normal flip phone (with no data package). If there aren't any problems with selling the iPhone, I will do that, otherwise I will keep it for wifi/etc.

Will there be any problems with the transition from an iPhone to a basic phone? Also, what are your recommendations in getting a basic phone? I have to have to enter a 2 year deal to get a basic phone for cheap and don't think I can do that since I am already tied up with the 2 year plan for the iPhone.

Also, how would I go about selling the iPhone and making sure there aren't any problems with the new user using it? Thanks!


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Re: No longer want iPhone...what are my options?
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U can get a CPO phone without a new contract. Yes there more expensive but if u don't want to use another upgrade. By calling *611 ask about cirtified pre owned with or without contract. U still have 14 return policy.

Re: No longer want iPhone...what are my options?

If you are looking to change to drop your plan and not increase you cash payout, I would just go to Craiglist and by a basic phone there because users would be selling those for pocket change compared to starting another account or renewing contract.

Since so many have changed to smartphones the basic devices are usually easy to find at a good price..

Found these with quick search of Craiglist...  This is in my area but I am sure you can find similar prices where you are..


1st pics are $25ea

lg 8370 flip mp3

samsung convoy

moto purple 755

moto black 755


2nd pics are $40ea

samsung intensity slider full key pad

lg cosmo slider full key pad

blackberry 8530---new in box

purple blackberry 8530--new in box

pantech razzle


3rd pics are

moto purple a455 rival slider --NEW IN BOX---$45

moto white a455 rival slider--NEW IN BOX---$45

samsung u940 glyde touch slider--NEW IN BOX---$45

palm treo 690 touch screen ---NEW IN BOX---$45


4th pics are

samsung omni 2 touch--LIKE NEW---$60

lg chocolate touch--LIKE NEW--SOLD

lg dare touch--LIKE NEW---$60

samsung reality--LIKE NEW--SOLD

moto krave touch--NEW IN BOX---$50

palm pre touch slider--LIKE NEW---$50

sharp ken 2 slider touch---$40  

Re: No longer want iPhone...what are my options?

I'll buy your iphone!  I was sick of my blackberry so a friend gave me her LG Vortex but it's a piece and I was just waiting until I could upgrade to an iphone....let me know what you want for it and where you are!

Re: No longer want iPhone...what are my options?

1. Buy a new flip phone on ebay ($70 - $80 for a new LG Revere).

2. Activate the phone when you receive it by dialing *228 and following instructions - this will also deactivate your existing iPhone.

3. Call customer service (*611) and drop your data plan. Note that since you bought an iPhone initially, you will continue to have an ETF of $350 and not $175

4. Sell the iPhone on ebay/craigslist - make sure you mention its a Verizon phone. A used iPhone 4S without scratches should fetch you approx $400 (after eBay fees and shipping)

Note: If you've had your Verizon account for greater than 60 days, call customer service prior to step 2 above and ask them to SIM-unlock your iPhone 4S. This will increase the resale value of your phone.