No visual voicemail on 6S
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I've got a problem with "voicemail full" on my Verizon iphone 6S but no voicemails showing in visual voicemail. In Settings, Cellular Data is On, I have tried resetting the network, and also tried calling the phone and voicemail.  None of these are working. Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to solve the problem?  Thanks very much!

Re: No visual voicemail on 6S
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BillH02492, thank you for reaching out to us. Making sure you are able to receive new Voicemails on your device is important. Let's review. When did this concern start? What happens when you dial *86 from your mobile device? Additionally, can you please let us know how much available storage you have on your device  



Verizon Voicemail issues - Not all Apple visual voicemails on iphone7 show up on phone / Also Not transcribed
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Apple Visual transcribed voicemail inconsistent - Many show up - Some don’t

1) Not all VMs are recorded/transcribed

2) Have to open “physical” voicemail w/ PW to gain access - listen to - delete - because they are NOT showing up on phone.

3) Techs - PLEASE KNOW - iPhone 7 64GB - 50% free data iOS 15.4 - iPhone 7 Rebooted 

  A) Some VMs may be dialing in on forwarded landline

  B) Some VW not being transcribed showing up on iPhone longer than ~45-50+ sec.

  C) Only means to check and access these Ghost VMs is to dial into actual VM / give password and listen to / edit / delete while connected to Verizon “physical” VM


Re: Verizon Voicemail issues -
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I am so sorry to hear of any issues with accessing your Voicemail. When did this problem start? Is the device on the latest IOS version (settings>General>Software Update)?