Non-refunded $1000 for Returned Iphone

Dear Verizon, I’m calling in regards to account phone number {edited for privacy} for M.B. I have contacted Verizon repeatedly after receiving confirmation, that the two devices I returned, were in fact, received by Verizon wireless. Nevertheless, Verizon continues to avoid crediting me the estimated $1000 cost for one of the devices it received. I have emailed Verizon and stopped by the Verizon store and despite all my attempts I have yet to see this amount credited  to my account. Please please please help me to get in touch with someone from the customer, loyalty, division, and I can be reached at the above phone number. My email is in your records as well.

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Re: Non-refunded $1000 for Returned Iphone
Customer Service Rep

We will reach out to you via Private Note.